29 year old Oakland, CA Native Bebe Hendrix is the embodiment of what a Emcee is. In his music you can hear touches of Jazz, Early Rock and roll, early 90's R&B, and of course Hip Hop. In a area known for its heavy bass Mob sound, Bebe has chose to take a more instrumental approach. Rapping over live bass rips and natural drum loops reminiscent of the boom bap era. Lyrically no subject is taboo as he speaks on his personal involvement in the streets. To  his personal views on  politics, sex, drugs, love and other social issues that are relevant in his generation. In fact no artist has proved to be more unafraid of speaking on the subject of love than Bebe. In his last two projects, "Best Wishes" and the more  recent "No Malice Intended".  The subject of love proved to be the very thesis as Bebe shared  his intimate feelings and experiences on love and relationships. In his own words " true artist draw from love."  but don't get it confused he is no sensitive  Drake, or a ladies man like LL Cool J. Instead  The once Homeless Emcee gives you a front row seat into his flaws and insecurities as a human being. One might be quick to dismiss his style, as "EMO" rap. But to him it is, "mood music", the perfect artistic expression of emotions he is feeling at that very moment. So whether it is joy, anger, or sadness. Each emotion can be sonically felt through out Bebe's music. It is that pure authentic stance that Bebe take on his art form, that makes his music so special. Everything is organic nothing is forced. in his own words. " Your either going to love it or hate it, and I'm completely fine with either outcome."